About Roman

About the Author

Roman Kurys is a Ukrainian-American author and a fan of fantasy fiction. When he is not writing, you can usually find him jogging on the side of the road, picking things up and putting them down, or debating the existence of vampires and other so-called mythical creatures.

Roman was born in Zavaliv, Ukraine, on January 28, 1980. He attended Ivan Franko Ukrainian Gymnasium # 1 in Ternopil and then Ternopil high school # 3, specializing in studying foreign languages. He has lived in the USA since 1997.

As an avid reader, he also dreamed of being a writer. He made his dream come true in 2018 when his first novel "Infertat" was published. A few words about Infertat from Roman.

In June 2022, Roman partnered with BookLocker to publish a new story: 'Zavaliv: In Spirits of Legends'. You can learn more about it on the Zavaliv Backstory page.