Work in Progress


1700’s Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth is torn by constant war and turmoil. On its eastern borders lies a province of Ukraine, a land of proud people whose Cossack army protected Europe from the Ottoman Empire for a hundred years.

Roman Petriv, a voivode, retired in a Galician town, Zavaliv looking forward to enjoying some peace after a lifetime of warring. His last fight, leading a successful defense of Zavaliv from the Ottoman attack ten years ago made him a first choice for the town's magistrate. They had known ten years of peace and it felt good. When Cossack’s sotnja comes by, it stirs up memories of his past exploits and reminds him that his sense of peace is not shared by the rest of the land. Many of the Cossacks are wounded from the battles which rage closer and closer to home.


The warriors leave, but a new threat emerges in their wake: the kind Roman has no idea how to fight. Ancient forest gods of his predecessors do not feel threatened by a sharp edge of a steel weapon. While the Christian faith is the predominant one in the land, the truth is that Christianity is laid over, like a thin veil, over the much older faith. Ancient Slavic paganism religion and its deities still exist in deep and abundant forests of these lands. Sometimes they become one with the people and meddle in human affairs.

When the town witch prays to the old gods and they answer her, things begin to spiral out of control. Will she stand by people who embraced her, or will she choose to explore the power the old gods remind her she has?