A few words from Roman

Roman Kurys and Roxi Kurys

My name is Roman Kurys. As a life-long avid reader, I have always wanted to tell a story of my own. Work and life managed to keep me busy as for years career, and voices in my head battled, so I kept waiting for the right time. The deciding factor was Roxi: my sister and her dreams. All of a sudden I had a partner in crime with a great habit of remembering her very vivid dreams. A few of them she decided to put on paper. After I read what she had dreamt about, voices in my head stirred up stronger than ever and the decision was made for me. The right time has come.

Here's an interesting side note. Roksolana, or Roxi, my sister, is not a native English speaker, and neither am I, really. While I immigrated to the US back in 1997, she still lives in a war-torn, turbulent country of Ukraine. This project had an ulterior motive: it would be something fun for us to do together and help her learn English. There was a side requirement: this story would need to be the kind we would love to read ourselves. We entirely accomplished and had a blast living in Infertat for a while. As a side effect my sister now fluently writes and understands English with confidence, so two birds with one stone right here.

Irrix Screen Art | Infertat Illustration

And a special thanks goes to Irrix Screen aka Irrixovi: the man, the myth, the legend himself who provided unique illustrations for the book.

Now, I have known Irrix for a long time. The guy has NYC fashion runways, a gallery/studio in CT, a website, his work is featured in TV shows, etc., so when I asked if he wanted to have some fun on a side, I did not think much of it. No way he was going to agree. He is busy enough as it was. You know the end of that story already, obviously, so here we are. Irrix didn't say no. I think his illustrations bring a unique and abstract perspective, providing a perfect artistic ambiance for the story. It does not look like your usual work of fantasy you see on the shelves, it might even appear to be a bit darker than most books you see out there. The beautiful thing about art is that it's going to be what you decide it to be. Some pieces matched chapters precisely, some improvise and some not at all. At a first glance...

Roman Kurys and Irrix Screen

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Audiobook is available on Audible here: Infertat (Audiobook)